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Charlain Gerber -I will stay till its time for me to go

Charlaine Gerber -'I will stay till its time for me to go'



Nicolas Odendaal-A good sound

Nicolas Odendaal- 'A good sound'

April 2019 NEWS
Photo Challenge Camera Club (PCCC)

Report back

17 May club evening. All gold awards as from this year can be viewed on our PCCC Winners facebook page. It is always better to be present at judging sessions, since with our open policy, any member can ask a judge to qualify his/her decision when scoring and thus, have a better and more informative opinion of the work.

We do have a difficulty getting good judges from outside the club - would like some suggestions &names - contact [email protected]

Next club evening - 17 May

Still summer, still Bring and braai - Christine will do the pap and sheba thing - own drinks

Familiarize yourselves with the Entry guidelines (How to enter under Rules at top) click here

We are screening FULL HD for digital images (1920 x 1080 pixels) but the older 1024x768 is still eligible


Hein Waschefort - blue planet burning'

Hein Waschefort - 'blue planet burning'



Dylan Vorster - Celtic Girl

Dylan Vorster (11y)- 'Celtic Girl'

TOP PHOTOS February 2019 meeting

Louis Pretorius-Space Dancer

BEST Avant Garde (shared): Louis Pretorius-Space Dancer


Ronel Cronje-Boxer

Ronel Cronje-Boxer


Lize van Heerden-Black and White

BEST STUDENT: Lize van Heerden-Black and White


peet van den berg-submission

BEST PHOTO JOURNALISM: peet van den berg-submission







charlaine gerber-Storm over the city

BEST OPEN COLOUR: charlaine gerber-Storm over the city


Louis Pretorius-Hoverfly

BEST NATURE COLOUR: Louis Pretorius-Hoverfly


Gonnie Myburgh-I am the King

BEST NATURE MONOCHROME: Gonnie Myburgh-I am the King


Evelyn Gibson- My friend

BEST STREET PHOTO: Evelyn Gibson- My friend


valmai le grange-left behind

BEST SCAPE: valmai le grange-left behind





VSS Creative Photography


Nieu Bethesda 2019

Creative art Photography

Creative scape / macro