8h30: Arrive coffee and muffins.
9h00: Lightroom workflow file extensions and keywording.
11h00-12h00: Editing in Lightroom including new CS features.
12h00 Lunch
13h00: Export oftions and watermark open in Photoshop and 'start of' workflow.


13 April 2019: Lightroom for Beginners

Free for PSSA Members ( donation R100 for meals) - limited space

VSScreative photoshop - Hein Waschefort 200

This intensive 1 day course at VSS is limited to only 12 delegates, to ensure good interaction with lecturer (Hein Waschefort)

Quick one on Lightroom MANAGING DIGITAL WORKFLOW LIGHTROOM Management system, File extensions & keywording.

Editing: Taking editing to its limits in Lightroom and knowing where/when to step to Photoshop. Standard Photoshop procedures.

Prepare images in Lightroom and custom export for editing options in Photoshop.

Photoshop on the run: Pre-edit 'fine tuning' (Levels, Curves & Exposure) - popular tools and file extentions- monochrome filters

Please confirm availability [email protected]

Please confirm availability [email protected]