24 Feb 2019: Creative Portrait and Photoshop

4 Shoots - 4 Photoshop techniques

These intensive 1 day courses at VSS are limited to only 10 delegates, to ensure good interaction with lecturer (Hein Waschefort)

Photos below were taken at previous VSS Portrait and Photoshop workshop

Hein Waschefort VSS portrait 1Shoot 1

Shoot 2

Hein Waschefort VSS portrait 3

Shoot 3

Shoot 4

These shoots are not only for skill development but also aims for each photographer to walk away with great brag/salon photos.

8h30: Arrive coffee and muffins.

Shoot 1. Bokeh reference and portraits for bokeh compellation.

Shoot 2. Studio portrait using advanced dramatic lighting to create a balanced chiaroscuro result for later selective soft focus.

Shoot 3. Dramatic stage lighting and green screen. This shoot will later be used for workflow approach in Lightroom and Photoshop as well as selective hue and saturation manipulation.

Shoot 4. Available light portrait for selective textures and screens.

13h30-13:30 Lunch

13h30-16h30: Lightroom & Photoshop on own photos:

1. Workflow from lightroom to Photoshop vignette, clarity and exposure using auto mask in Lightroom.

2. Work with 'clever' layers and styles in Photoshop.

3. Advanced layer editing and cloning on selective fields.

15h00-15h30: Beer o'clock

4. Photoshop: advanced filters and textures on layers and introducing a touch of colour (a great new technique).

5. Selective soft focus and skin rendering my way.