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Hein WaschefortHein Waschefort--NT6 400Hein Waschefort--NT6 400Hein WaschefortHein WaschefortHein Waschefort-8




Sunday 26 May 2019-

Extravagant multi-model theme shoot at Newtown.

A big multi model shoot in Newtown with themes like, High Fashion, Post Apocalyptic, urban and hip-hop and look out for 'Day of the Dead' all at the same time. Photographers need to book before 6 Jan. since we will compliment amount of models with amount of photographers - needless to say more photographers = more models = more and bigger variety.

Gangs - Girls - Cars - Bikes and Graffiti


R400- pp (R300 for PSSA members) includes models, hair dresser / make-up and beverages. Informally guided by Hein Waschefort and Louis Pretorius

start around 9h00 till lunch- confirm booking/place with [email protected]

before 6 Jan.

Hein WaschefortHein Waschefort--NT6 400Hein Waschefort-8Hein Waschefort-8



be there - NEWTOWN 2019