"A genius is not born.
Becoming a genius depends on how much time you spend learning your craft.
If you haven’t cracked it in your field, you simply have not spent enough time trying."

Malcolm Gladwell.


To get a job in the industry today, one needs to be multi-skilled. Most publishing and printing companies only employ applicants who can work in a multidisciplinary environment.

VSS has therefore adapted program strategies to include both Photography and Graphic Design qualifications (both registered on the NQF) in an eighteen month period.

Combined Multidisciplinary Course Outline:

All students enrol for the Certificate: Photography in the first year but have to do all subjects including Graphic Design and related subjects.

Portfolios of Evidence are submitted in November 2019 for assessment for the Certificate: Photography (SAQA 73298 NQF Level 4 Min 128 Credits).

Students then continue with classes focusing only on Graphic Design until the end of May. Portfolio submission for the National Certificate: Design Techniques (SAQA 60509 NQF Level 5 Min 120 Credits) take place in the middle of June for students to qualify at the end of June 2020.

Should students wish to terminate their studies after successful completion of the Certificate: Photography, they may do so.

Rationale for the Combined Multidisciplinary Program
Most important: To be able to find a job!

To build the necessary subject and industry knowledge, understanding of, and skills required for a career in appropriate sectors of the visual media industry or as an entrepreneur.

Visual communication is a core and powerful element of today's (visual) global world. It is a dynamic process and has to adapt constantly to the needs of the industry, the business world and society.

New Combined Multidisciplinary Program - More job opportunities!




Overview of program - 1st year:

Visual Language

Ideation & Concept Development
Composition & Colour
Visual Storytelling
Audi-visual presentation



Photo Science
Photo Technique
Applied Photography
Adobe Lightroom & Adobe Photoshop

Elements & Principles of Design
Digital Design
Digital Marketing

Professional Practice
Workflow Management

Creative brief
Time management
Professional Ethics
Recording & Documenting


Analytical Reading Skills
Writing Skills
Listening Skills
Questioning Skills
Managing difficult clients
Anger management
Handling Conflict

Business Practice

Establishing a business legal aspects
Accounting basics
Costing & quoting
Develop a business plan

Photo & Art History & Appreciation




Professional Practice

Marketing principles
Public Relations
Concept presentation
Graphic Design Presentation

SECOND YEAR - Project based:

Advanced Design

Corporate Identity
Magazine Layout
Media design - Social Media Marketing Campaign
Electronic Newsletter Design & Layout
Printing - litho, large-format, etc