ITERNARY Saturday or Sunday

8h00: Arrive coffee and muffins.
8h30: Quick portrait shoot in studio.
9h00: Lightroom; new features and auto masking.
10h30-12h00: Channels and layers
12h00 Lunch
13h00: Advanced masking and blends.
14h00: Tea.
14h30 - 16h00: Textures, brushes and plug ins.


Please confirm availability [email protected]


Photoshop; layers, blends, channels, texture & masking: 14 April 2019

Quick portrait shoot; in studio for reference material.

Quick one on Lightroom; new features and more on auto masking.

Photoshop channels; for extreme sharpening with no noise. Use channels for creative effect.

Photoshop layers; layer masks and adjustment layers for multi layer creative work. Do creative image.

Photoshop masking; Advanced masking techniques with CS5 and 6,

Photoshop blends; Understand blends and use for creative effects including skin rendering and soft focus,

Photoshop practical: Textures and advanced layer and blend manipulations, shoot textures for rain, snow and create own brushes.

Photoshop plug-ins; Add Nik collection effects for that extra punch.