Unit 1:

1 Oct 2017
a) light and exposure. Applied to all fields of photography.
b) colour & light in water.
c) curvature of light, focus and depth of field.
d) scatter and remedies.

Unit 2:

1 Oct 2017
Introduction to underwater equipment- video camera, aquatic camera, housings, lights and strobes.
Use and understanding of cameras and strobes.
a) still camera.
b) video camera.
c) housings.
d) lights and strobes.

Unit 3:

1 and 4 Oct 2017
Professional Practice: Communication marketing and presentation of photos and story.

Unit 4:

2 to 7 Oct 2017
Manage prepare and maintain underwater photographic equipment.

Unit 5:

2, 4 and 7 Oct. 2017
Evaluate shoots, download digital images and do post production- Lectures on workflow in Photoshop for underwater photography.

Unit 6:

2 to 6 Oct 2017
Research dive sites and specimens photographed for documentation.

Unit 7:

2 Oct 2017
Swimming pool
Test buoyancy and familiarise with camera.
Photograph model/portraits in water. Work with still and Video.

Unit 8-9-10:

3-7 Oct 2017
Practical underwater photography - Unit 8= Macro -Unit 9= Wide Angle - Unit 10= Video. Only one unit can be practiced by a diver on any one dive. Diver and dive buddy rotate camera on agreed manner.

Unit 11:

9-13 Oct 2017
Prepare POE and portfolio for exhibition.

14 Oct 2017

Exhibition - Evaluation and Certification


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Short course

27 September - 8 October 2017 Underwater Photography Course

Hein Waschefort - underwater photography sodwana 300 1Phot: Hein Waschefort

Hein Waschefort - underwater photography sodwana 8 raggedtooth sharkHein Waschefort - underwater photography sodwana 11Hein Waschefort - underwater photography sodwana 10sHein Waschefort - underwater photography sodwana 7Hein Waschefort - underwater photography sodwana 4Photos by Hein Waschefort - many with Adventure Mania dives and adventure

This course is a part-qualification registered on the National Qualifications Framework. It is therefore credit-bearing and constitutes 25 credits on the NQF: This is perhaps the first diving speciality accredited with SANational Education Authoraty
Theory on colour, light in water, curvature of light, depth of field and scatter.

Introduction to underwater equipment - still camera, video camera, aquatic camera, housings, lights and strobes. Course leaders; Hein Waschefort, Jaques and Amanda van Jaarsveld

VSS Photo & Design College will leave for Sodwana on an underwater photography adventure (Saturday 30 September and return on Sunday 8 October. All SCUBA divers and underwater photographers are welcome to join us.

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