Gus Waschefort - Sniffing glue in DRC

Gus Waschefort 'Sniffing glue in DRC'

Hein Waschefort zulu cry

Hein Waschefort 'Zulu cry'

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The history of Photoprint ZONE is very much the history of Hein and Gus Waschefort since professional prints are done by professional printers (the man and the equipment).

After many years of deliberation and a keen observation of the 'photo digital print' development, Hein and Gus concluded that the latest digital printing technology has finally equalled and more than likely surpassed the analogue chemical printing systems. Especially concerning colour; the colour gamut with new high-end digital printers using multiple coloured inks surpasses the chemical system which is still restricted to three colour layers (some more advanced products have four layers).

Chemical (analogue) silver printing is however not ignored concerning black and white printing for art galleries. This is an extremely high-end service catering for some of the big art galleries which do not accept digital prints for exhibition. Our darkrooms are equipped with the very best enlargers and photo printing accessories.

We aim to offer the very best digital photo print, be it on; photo paper, fine art paper or canvas, using state of the art printers, colour calibrators software and densitometry technology.

A top print does not necessarily make it a top photo. Our services include professional advice and as part of our professional service we also print test prints and compare screen calibrations in order for all our photographer customers to get prints that really match what they see on the screen.

We operate in a conducive photography environment and pay individual attention to each photo to be printed.

Ultimately we strive to enhance your photography skills by producing prints of the highest standard at competitive, market related prices.

Our services also include an in-house 'Photo Finish' department for; canvas stretching, photo mounting and lamination (incapsulation). On the digital side we also offer high-end copying and scanning. Formal photography training is given at Visual Skills School which shares our premises in Pretoria North.

Please join us for a coffee and let us discuss and participate in expanding your photography horizon.


For more than a decade, Epson has set the standard by which all other photographic printing technologies are judged. With the all-new Epson Stylus Pro 7900 printer Epson developed an entirely new generation of photographic printing technology, getting the engineers to rethink everything even down to the media.

Introducing the all-new Epson Stylus Pro 7900 and 9900 printers

The Epson Stylus Pro 7900 (24-inch) incorporate the latest achievements in photographic ink jet technology:

Developed in partnership with X-Rite, Epson has incorporated an optional, high-performance, in-line spectrophotometer. When driven by the latest front-end RIPs, Epson SpectroProofer™ can automate any color management process in your commercial or flexographic proofing workflow.

Note that the smaller brother of our printer is demonstrated here.

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